School Program: School Food and Beverage Policy 

1 FOR 1 PIZZA is pleased to provide pizza delivery services for all elementary and secondary schools in Ontario with top quality meals. The Ontario Ministry of Education has issued Memorandum No. 150, “School Food and Beverage Policy”, outlining the nutritional standards for food and beverages sold in publicly funded elementary and secondary schools in Ontario.

1 FOR 1 PIZZA is pleased to ensure you that our menu items are in full compliance with Memorandum No. 150 and Bill 8 guidelines.

1 FOR 1 PIZZA menu meets both Bill 8 (No Added Trans Fat) and the NEW Ontario School Food and Beverage Policy as put forth by Memorandum No. 150.

For further information regarding 1 FOR 1 PIZZA menu items and how to set up 1 FOR 1 PIZZA delivery for your school, please contact us at [email protected].


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