Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1 FOR 1 Pizza proudly serves Ottawa and the Gatineau region with the finest, top quality food at quality prices you’ll love!
With a wide variety of menu choices to suit your needs, you always find the perfect choice to satisfy your hunger.

What are the 1 FOR 1 PIZZA hours of operation?

We offer late night delivery and takeout solutions with flexible delivery throughout the Ottawa-Gatineau region.

1 FOR 1 PIZZA Hours of Operation:*

  • Monday – Wednesday: 11:00am – 1:00am
  • Thursday: 11:00am – 2:00am
  • Friday – Saturday: 10:00am – 3:00am
  • Sunday: 11:30am – Midnight

*NOTE: Operating hours may vary by location. For exact hours of operation at each of our pizzeria locations, visit our store locations page by clicking here.

What phone number do you call to place an order?

If you are ordering in any part of the Ottawa region, you can call 613-234-0-234 to order delivery and takeout.

Gatineau locations have different phone numbers. Click here to view our store locations page for the store of your choice.

Is there a delivery charge?

Yes, a delivery charge of $2.70 applies to each order. A delivery charge of $4 applies for further areas. Minimum order for delivery is $10 before taxes and delivery charge.

What is the typical delivery and take-out time?

It takes approximately 45-50 minutes for delivery and approximately 20-25 minutes for pick up.

What sizes of pizza do you offer?

1 FOR 1 PIZZA offers your choice of small, medium, large, extra-large and gluten-free pizza sizes.

  • Small – 10″ Diameter (4 Slices)
  • Medium – 12″ Diameter (6 Slices)
  • Large – 14″ Diameter (8 Slices)
  • Extra Large – 16” Diameter (10 Slices)
  • Gluten-Free Crust –12” Diameter (6 Slices)
  • Pan Pizza –12” Diameter (6 Slices)
What toppings do you offer?

We offer variety meat and vegetable toppings, click the Toppings List at the top to view a complete list of our toppings.

Does your pizza contain peanuts or peanut oil?

No, peanut and/or peanut oil is not used in the manufacture of any of our products. However, some of 1 FOR 1 PIZZA’s ingredients are processed in plants of third party suppliers who also process nut products in the same plants. Although these suppliers practice strict sanitation procedures and preventative measures for cross-contamination, 1 FOR 1 PIZZA cannot guarantee that all of our products are 100% nut-free.

Does the cheese contain enzymes from animal sources?

Our mozzarella cheese contains microbial enzyme that is derived from non-animal source.

Our feta cheese contains lipase originates from animal source.

Is the gluten-free crust celiac-safe?

Our gluten free crust is prepared, cooked and cut with dedicated utensils. It does not require dusting flour.

We also offer many gluten free toppings. Please refer to our ingredient and allergen lists for gluten information here for more information.

If you have a food allergy or intolerance, please be aware that 1 FOR 1 PIZZA products may have come into contact with possible allergens and cannot guarantee a 100% allergen-free environment.

How can you reach 1 FOR 1 PIZZA head office?

1 FOR 1 PIZZA delivers delicious pizza with fresh ingredients and homemade recipes that you’ll love, satisfaction guaranteed. 

If you would like to get in touch us for any reason, please contact us using the head office information below.

2584 Edinburgh Place, Unit 1
Ottawa, Ontario, K1B 5M1
Phone: 613-234-6060
Email: [email protected]

Our team is dedicated to ensure your satisfaction so feel free to reach out to us with any questions, concerns, comments or feedback – we love to hear from our customers!

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